Mil Mi-171 VIP version awarded certification


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Russian Helicopters has obtained CIS-wide certification for the corporate/VIP version of the Mil Mi-171 helicopter. The formal ceremony was held at the MAKS 2013 air show in August.

Mi-171VIP production has been launched at Russian Helicopters subsidiary, Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant. Its luxury cabin interior is designed by Russian Helicopters partner AeroTaxi-Service, which specializes in manufacturing and servicing VIP interiors for Russian-built rotary-wing aircraft. The designers point to enhanced sound isolation, allowing for comfortable communication between passengers in flight, as one of the new interior’s key features.

The central section of the cabin is divided into three areas: the forward and aft vestibules and the passenger area, which seats eight passengers and one flight attendant. The cabin is fitted out with comfortable seats, stowable tables, and an in-flight entertainment system, which includes Internet connectivity. There are a lavatory and a baggage compartment in the aft.

Compared with the Mi-171 baseline, the VIP version features improved avionics. The original UHF radio has been supplanted with the Prima-MV integrate VHF radio set. Additional equipment includes a public announcement/IFE system, a Pulsar radio, and a Kontur-NIIR UBS-K universal coupling unit.  

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