Off-road business jet


Mastering of series production of Anotonov An-148 regional jet in Russia, at the Voronezh VASO aircraft building plant, and growth in quantity of orders for this airplane also increased the interest of customers in the airplane’s VIP version, dubbed Antonov Business Jet or An-168. It is possible to attribute to its indisputable advantages a possibility of operation from any airfields including unpaved runways, availability of its own entrance stairs and a volume of the cabin big for business-class airplanes that allows having both convenient VIP configuration and spacious option for corporate transportation.
During MAKS-2009 air show in August, Russian Ilyushin Finance leasing company signed agreements to supply of 59 An-148 airplanes in various modifications including 30 firm orders. If all agreements of intent are transformed into firm contracts the portfolio of orders for An-148 will approach a figure of 100 aircraft.
Atlant-Soyuz airline ordered five An-148 in VIP version in the framework of its contract for purchase of 30 aircraft of this class (the company plans beginning of operation of the business version in three years). Possibility of supply of two airplanes to the presidential aviation squadron and two airplanes to the government of Colombia is discussed too but these contracts are not signed yet.   

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