Performance boost for Superjet 100


Russia’s new Sukhoi Superjet 100 regional jetliner entered commercial operation earlier this year but already its designer and manufacturer Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Company (SCAC) is looking to further develop the aircraft’s performance. Its operating envelope is being enhanced at the request of future customers. In parallel SCAC is working to develop the long-range and corporate versions, which will require additional testing and a separate production scheme.

The Superjet 100 is currently operated by Russia’s largest carrier Aeroflot and Armenia’s Armavia. The Armenian ailrine was first to get its first single-class, 98-seat jet in April this year. Delivery of the second aircraft on order has been reportedly postponed until next spring, to be timed to the opening of the high season. According to SCAC, in the first five months of operation the Armavia SSJ 100 made 428 flights for a total duration of 1,120 block hours. The average monthly flight time amounted to 181 hours, with a maximum daily flight time of 16.5 hours. Armavia operates its Superjet from the Armenian capital Yerevan to 27 destinations in Georgia, Russia, Ukraine, Western and Southern Europe, and the Middle East. The airline reports that the longest flight to date has been from Yerevan to Madrid, covering more than 4,000 km. SCAC President Vladimir Prisyazhnyuk says Amavia’s experience with the SSJ 100 confirms that the airliner is suitable for both regional and medium-haul routes.

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