«The AW139 has found relevant success in the world utility market»


AgustaWestland helicopters are quickly gaining popularity in Russia as the Anglo-Italian manufacturer goes further establishing industrial cooperation with its local partner, Russian Helicopters holding. AgustaWestland CEO Bruno Spagnolini told Show Observer how his helicopters are being promoted on the Russian market.

– Mr Spagnolini, how many AgustaWestland helicopters were delivered to Russia last year?
— By the end of 2011 a total amount of 11 helicopters were in service in Russia. These models included the AW119Ke single-engine helicopter, the AW109 Power and Grand light twins, and the AW139 medium twin, which means all commercial types currently available to the market, further reinforcing our already strong presence in this country with our complete commercial product portfolio. All aircraft delivered were in the VIP/corporate transport configuration. 2011 was a particularly relevant year for us indeed as we delivered the first two AW139s. This type has obtained immediate and self-evident appreciation from the Russian market, resulting in 13 AW139s sold in 2011.

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