«We maintained our market leadership among Western manufacturers»


Being the largest supplier of foreign-made rotorcraft to Russia market, Airbus Helicopters expands its network of partners in this country. Emeric Lhomme, head of Airbus Helicopters Vostok, a Russian subsidiary of the European helicopter maker, tells Show Observer how this network is being developed and what new models will be launched on the local market this year.

— A year ago Airbus Helicopters launched a new strategy for Russia to build a local network of partners. What has been achieved so far?

— We are still building the network of partners based on two pillars. The first one is maintenance. To become an official Airbus Helicopters partner you need first to become an authorized maintenance center. The logic is that only those who will operate and maintain our helicopters according to AH standards can become member of this network and promote our brand. 

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